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Game On: ESP Edition 08 – RIFT F2P Special


Welcome to another episode of Game On: Epic Slant Press Edition! This week we’re joined by Liore of RIFT Junkies, the Herding Cats blog, and Cat Context podcast for our RIFT F2P Special! Each of the hosts has a long history with the game and an extensive knowledge of the community that loves it. Join us as we talk about the big announcement and what it might mean for the future of the game!

Important note: Due to the early recording this week, the DEFIANCE giveaway has been extended one more week. Entries must be in by 3:30ET on 5/26.

Be sure to check out Adam’s new light strategy party game Havok and Hijinks!

Follow the hosts on Twitter! Chris is @gamebynight and Adam is @FerrelES.

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3 Responses to Game On: ESP Edition 08 – RIFT F2P Special

  1. Counterpoint on selling dungeon gear in the cash shop:

    I was a big fan of WoW’s old looking for group system back in the early Wrath era (3.0/3.1), and I used the old LFG tool regularly. The system was not automated, and there were no guarantees that you would get a group, or how long it would take. During this era, if you wanted to gear up quickly, you could jump from solo reputation stuff to PUG raids (the raids of 3.0 were significantly undertuned). So, when I did get a group through the old system, it was full of people who actually liked running five-mans.

    Then came 3.2, which added raid tokens to the same old dungeons that were already in the game. This incentive did exactly what it was designed to do – convinced overgeared raiders that they should go back and farm trivial dungeons every day, and in the process created more groups that potentially had an empty slot for a legitimate newbie who still needed the gear. Unfortunately, it also introduced the culture in which people were now playing because they wanted the two tokens, and not because they wanted to play the content. Thus was born the impatient zerg culture that only got worse as it got easier to find groups with the group finder in 3.3.

    Your MMO’s raid game cannot survive if there is no way for new players to get the entry level gear they need to start raiding. The changes I described above, and all the unfortunate consequences, are one way to solve the problem. Is the model where the player instead gives Trion cash and joins their friends the same day actually worse? It’s not like it’s hard to PUG modern dungeon grinds, just irritating because you’re running them with a bunch of strangers who are in it for the loot rather than with your friends.

    I guess we’ll find out.

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